For 70 years, Land Rover has been one of the region’s most iconic brands, driving its progress and witnessing its rapid evolution.

This film tells the story of Robin and Majed, two engineering professionals who came to the UAE in the mid 60’s.

Robin Webb, who first landed in Dubai in 1965, describes how Land Rover was indispensable to engineers back then. Even though there were no roads to drive on, they were able to tackle the most rugged terrains with their Land Rover.

One of the great things about us doing engineering, was that we had Land Rovers. We basically lived in Land Rovers.

Robin Webb

Fueled by the spirit of adventure, Majed Mohammed Awwad moved to Ras Al Khaimah in 1968. He reminisces the good old days when his Land Rover used to overcome all challenges and how it was the only car that could be used everywhere.

Whoever owned a Land Rover was considered important.

Majed Mohammed Awwad